NWAV 40 Vowel Shifts Panel

Here is the overview for the NWAV 40 “New Perspectives on Vowel Shifting” panel, organized by David Durian, Matthew J Gordon, Brian D Joseph, and Dennis Preston. It includes abstracts for each individual paper within each of the two panel sessions, as well as an abstract for the whole of the double panel. It is posted as a .pdf.

Currently, 4 papers from the panel (1 from session 1, 3 from session 2) are available via links on this blog. Click the links below to access abstracts for the presentations, as well as links to slide shows of the presentations.

Durian and Gordon–What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Vowel Shifts?

Dinkin’s Toward a Unified Theory of Chain Shifting

Durian and Joseph Making Sense of Shifty Changes: The Role of Phonetic Analogy in Vowel Shifts

Fruehwald’s The Phonological Component of Phonetic Change

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