Ferguson, Charles A., Larry M. Hyman, and John J. Ohala (Eds.). 1975. Nasalfest: Papers from a Symposium on Nasals and Nasalization. Stanford University: Language Universals Project.

This collection of papers, compiled in 1975, has always been somewhat hard to find, as it was initially published in a fairly small print run. Given its limited availability, particularly in the present day, but also its status as a “classic,” as well as its status as a highly useful research tool for folks working on nasals and nasalization, we have chosen to post an electronic version of it here in our “Less Widely Available Archive” (LWAA). Given the size of the volume, we have given it a dedicated page.

Table of Contents (Chapters Linked as PDFs)

Preface (Includes Front Matter; Charles A. Ferguson, Larry M. Hyman, John J. Ohala)

The Description of Nasal Consonants and Internal Structure of Segments (Stephen A. Anderson)

Two Studies on Nasalization (D. N. S. Bhat)

The Perception of Nasal Vowels in Brazilian Portuguese: A Pilot Study (Gelda A. Brito)

Nasals: A Sociolinguistic Study of Change in Progress (Henrietta J. Cedergren and David Sankoff)

An Areal Study of Nasalization in Chinese (Matthew Chen)

Denasalization in Korean: A Search for Universals (Matthew Chen and Harold Clumeck)

A Cross-Linguistic Investigation of Vowel Nasalization: An Instrumental Study (Harold Clumeck)

Nasal Consonant Systems (John Crothers)

Nasals in Ghotuq: /LENIS/ or [SHORT]? (B. Elugbe and J. M. Hombert)

Universal Tendencies and “Normal” Nasality (Charles A. Ferguson)

Nasalization as Universal Phonological Process (James Foley)

Some Rules Involving Nasals and Their Implications (William A Foley)

Rules, Constraints, and the Simplicity Criterion: An Analysis Based on the Acquisition of Nasals in Chicano Spanish (Eduardo Hernandez-Chavez, Irene Vogel, and Harold Clumeck)

Nasal States and Nasal Processes (Larry M. Hyman)

Rhinoglottophilia: The Mysterious Connection Between Nasality and Glottality (James A. Matisoff)

Phonetic Explanations for Nasal Sound Patterns (John Ohala)

Nasals and Nasalization in Hindi (Manjari Ohala)

Patterning of Nasal Vowels (Merritt Ruhlen)

Problems in Archiving Nasal Rules (Suzanne Zuckerman Werner)

Effects of Nasalization on the Perception of Vowel Height (James Wright)

Nasal-Stop Assimilation Testing the Psychological Reality of an English MSC (James Wright)


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