All chapters from NasalFest (1975) now available as PDFs

As of today, the final 6 chapters of Nasalfest are now available via the “Nasalfest” section of the blog. You can find this content in the “Less Widely Accessible Archive” here…

Not sure what Nasalfest is? Keep reading below…

Ferguson, Charles A., Larry M. Hyman, and John J. Ohala (Eds.). 1975. Nasalfest: Papers from a Symposium on Nasals and Nasalization. Stanford University: Language Universals Project.

This collection of papers, compiled in 1975, has always been somewhat hard to find, as it was initially published in a fairly small print run. Given its limited availability, particularly in the present day, but also its status as a “classic,” as well as its status as a highly useful research tool for folks working on nasals and nasalization, we have chosen to post an electronic version of it here in our “Less Widely Available Archive” (LWAA). Given the size of the volume, we have given it a dedicated page.


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I am a sociolinguist with a Ph D in Linguistics from The Ohio State University. Currently, I work as the Lecturer at Rice University, where I teach undergraduate courses in both sociolinguistics and general linguistics. I also work on research projects investing language variation and change in US English a variety of cities. Specifically, at the moment, this includes Houston, Chicago, and Columbus, OH.

One Response to All chapters from NasalFest (1975) now available as PDFs

  1. Kyle says:

    They’re insistent that the title of the volume is not “Nasalfest”, as you have it, but rather “Nasálfest”.

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