7 dissertations from the 1970s worth checking out

Now available via the Less Widely Available Archive (LWAA) are 7 dissertations from the 1970s that are worth checking out for various reasons: a) the theoretical contributions made by them (Hooper, 1973; Donegan, 1978; Payne, 1976); b) data collected and analyzed in the dissertation (Herndobler, 1977; Lennig, 1978;  Lusk, 1976); c) the practical applications contributed by them (Nearey, 1977).

[Bybee] Hooper, Joan. 1973. Aspects of Natural Generative Phonology. Doctoral dissertation, University of California-Los Angeles. http://ling.osu.edu/~ddurian/AWAC/LWAA/Bybee_1973.pdf

Donegan, Patricia. 1978. On the Natural Phonology of vowels. Doctoral dissertation, The Ohio State University. [Reprinted as The Ohio State Working Papers in Linguistics, 23. http://linguistics.osu.edu/research/publications/workingpapers/files/osu_wpl_23.pdf]

Herndobler, Robin. 1977. White working class speech: The East Side of Chicago. Doctoral dissertation, The University of Chicago. http://ling.osu.edu/~ddurian/AWAC/LWAA/Herndobler_1977.pdf

Lennig, Matthew. 1978. Acoustic measurement of linguistic change: The modern Paris  vowel system. Doctoral dissertation, University of Pennsylvania. http://www.ling.osu.edu/~ddurian/AWAC/LWAA/Lennig_1978.pdf

Lusk, Melanie. 1976. Phonological variation in Kansas City: A sociolinguistic analysis of three-generation families. Doctoral dissertation, University of Kansas. http://www.ling.osu.edu/~ddurian/AWAC/LWAA/Lusk 1976.pdf

Nearey, Terrance Michael. 1977. Phonetic feature systems for vowels. Doctoral dissertation, University of Alberta. http://www.ling.osu.edu/~ddurian/AWAC/LWAA/Nearey_1977.pdf

Payne, Arvilla. 1976. The acquisition of the phonological system of a second dialect. Doctoral dissertation, University of Pennsylvania. http://www.ling.osu.edu/~ddurian/AWAC/LWAA/Payne_1976.pdf


About daviddurian
I am a sociolinguist with a Ph D in Linguistics from The Ohio State University and an MA in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from Northern Illinois University. Currently, I work as the Lecturer at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where I teach undergraduate courses in sociolinguistics, general linguistics, and first-year composition. I also work on research projects investigating variation and change in the vowel system of modern US English as it is spoken by Americans living in a variety of cities. At the moment, this includes Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

2 Responses to 7 dissertations from the 1970s worth checking out

  1. malcah says:

    Dear David, i think this is a great idea, …but i really hoped i’d find Don Hindle’s dissertation on here. I think of it as one of the best -lost dissertations of the 70’s. If you figure a way to get that on your webpage, let me know! [malcah]

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