J Milroy reviews Labov (1994)

Adding to the earlier posts I put up presenting some alternate views on chain shifting (Gordon, as well as Stockwell & Minkova), here is a relatively short review of Labov’s Principles of Linguistic Change, Volume 1 (1994) by James Milroy. It was originally published in 1995 in the Journal of Linguistics. Among several of Milroy’s  critiques is his discussion of Labov’s chain shifting principle that “lax (short) vowels fall,” in which he presents an  interesting alternate perspective on the movement behavior exhibited by front vowels, based on a combined consideration of evidence from Australian, RP, and Northern Cities US English.

Milroy, James. 1995. Review of William Labov, Principles of linguistic change. Volume 1: Internal factors (Language in Society 20). Oxford: Blackwell, 1994. pp. xix+641. Journal of Linguistics, 31.2:435-439. http://www.jstor.org/stable/4176327

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