On dialect emergence and transformation…

Here is an interesting study of dialect emergence in Denmark by Lisa Ann Lane, conducted during the 1990s, ultimately published in LVC in 2000. The article does a beautiful job of summarizing several of the major aspects of her analysis, although for the curious, I highly recommend trying to track down her two volume 1998 University of Chicago dissertation Emergence and transformation of a dialect: Thyboronsk (Denmark).

Lane, Lisa Ann. 2000. Trajectories of linguistic variation: Emergence of a dialect. Language Variation and Change, 12.3:267-294. http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=LVC


About daviddurian
I am a sociolinguist with a Ph D in Linguistics from The Ohio State University. Currently, I work as the Lecturer at Rice University, where I teach undergraduate courses in both sociolinguistics and general linguistics. I also work on research projects investing language variation and change in US English a variety of cities. Specifically, at the moment, this includes Houston, Chicago, and Columbus, OH.

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