Another perspective on the Trager/Smith binary notation

These’ll be of interest to folks who might find Labov’s discussion of the critique of use of this notation in the Atlas of North American English less informative.

Kurath, Hans. 1957. The binary interpretation of English vowels: A critique. Language, 33.2: 111-122.

The title is pretty self explanatory. Of course, things didn’t stop there. James Sledd responded pretty much right afterwards to Kurath in Language, and then Kurath responds to Sledd.

Sledd, James. 1958. Some questions of English phonology. Language, 34.2:252-258.

Kurath, Hans. 1958. Some questions of English phonology: A reply. Language, 34.2: 259-260.


About daviddurian
I am a sociolinguist with a Ph D in Linguistics from The Ohio State University and an MA in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from Northern Illinois University. Currently, I work as the Lecturer at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where I teach undergraduate courses in sociolinguistics, general linguistics, and first-year composition. I also work on research projects investigating variation and change in the vowel system of modern US English as it is spoken by Americans living in a variety of cities. At the moment, this includes Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

3 Responses to Another perspective on the Trager/Smith binary notation

  1. vocalised says:

    Wow David, your blog is rapidly developing into an excellent research and teaching resource! This and the Ohala post are terrific.

  2. vocalised says:

    in fact all your posts are terrific! I just hadn’t seen the others when I posted the previous comment. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your research finds!

  3. daviddurian says:

    Thanks Lauren. There’ll be more as time goes on. One of the upsides to having to spend a year and half revising a proposal is that it gives you a lot of time to read while you are revising. So thought I’d try and do something useful with things I came across that might not necessarily end up cited or used in my dissertation.

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